Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Demo Day

We had a demolition party at our place last Saturday. We needed to tear out everything in an area of the basement so Pop can remodel. Oh, I didn't mention? He and Grammy are not only moving back home but they are moving into the farmhouse basement. With us...the farm hands.

I can tell this will require some back story. Here goes...

December 2007 - Pop and Grammy are living in South Carolina. They have been there since the summer of 2005 (Pretty Princess was with them too. She was in High School when they moved). However, they were in town for Christmas. EJ, Grammy, Pop and I were chatting one night and Pop casually mentioned that he and Grammy would like to find some land to purchase when they returned in 5-7 years (when Pop would retire from that position). Out of curiosity EJ fired up the laptop and asked Pop for the details on this land/property he wanted to find. Badabing Badaboom...Four Sisters Farm popped up on the screen. Hmmm...Pop was interested. Very interested. I believe I said, "What would you do with it? You aren't moving back for some time." Pop replied, "Well, I guess I'd have you kids move into it."

While it was true that EJ, the cowboys and I were quickly outgrowing our little house, I wasn't so sure about this living in the country thing. I think I probably kind of laughed assuming that wouldn't work out anyway. For starters EJ and I owned our home so we would have to sell it. That seemed daunting on it's own.

If memory serves we tried to look at the property over Christmas but couldn't get in. Pop and Grammy flew back home to SC. EJ and I went to look at the place the next week. We took a video and sent it to them. To say this place was going to need a lot of work was an understatement. It smelled AWFUL. The folks living here had multiple cats indoors as well as 2 big dogs. The smell of animal pee was more than one could stand. I can't even begin to list the upkeep and repair that needed to be done on the rest of the place. As I am writing this I am realizing just how much of a miracle it was that I LOVED it here. I called Pop and said, "there is just something magical here." It just felt right.

February 2008 - Pop and Grammy make a trip back here and check out the property along with multiple other country places. You have heard what happened when Pop saw the pond. This place was sold!

We kept looking at one another going, "This is crazy. Is it really going to work?" We just kept praying that if it was the Lord's will he would work out the details. Step by step he did just that. Our home was on the market for about 30 days and shown around 30 times. Can you imagine how awful that was for a stay at home momma with a baby and a toddler. I was starting to lose my good mind. God sold our home just in time to save my sanity!

May 2008 - EJ, the cowboys and I moved out of our place and into my in-laws place for a couple of weeks. During that time a problem with the financing on the farm came out of no where. The appraisers made a mistake and Pop was trying to correct it from a distance. For a few moments we all wondered if it was going to happen. We realized that we were in fact homeless. God intervened through an incredible lady at the bank Pop was working with. All systems were go again.

June 2008 - A major cleaning followed. We ripped up carpet, treated the floor, painted all the walls, had the duct work cleaned, etc. Carpet was replaced and next thing we knew we moved in. I'm sure EJ has a laundry list of things he did outside as well.

Moving in was like a big party! Pop and Grammy flew back and tons of friends and family pitched in. It was amazing. We were trying to get settled in when relentless rain storms started rolling through. There was a snugly night in the basement hiding from a tornado. If I remember right it included my in laws, all of us, my folks and a friend and her son. It was crazy! The storms just kept coming and pouring buckets of rain on us. We quickly discovered that the basement was leaking...bad. Pop and EJ's new project became repairing the problems that caused the water in the basement. Another example of God's plan. We never would have discovered the problems without that wild rain.

So...that's how it all began. We live in the farm and care for it. In the past year we have fallen in love with the place. We have chickens, dogs, cats and a huge garden. Needless to say we are attached. We have started dreaming about building out here on the land.

So when Pop called and said to EJ, "I want you to discuss with Farm Chick the idea of Grammy and I living in the basement" It didn't take long for us to decide. Let's do it! We can work together to accomplish all our goals. Sure we will have our ups and downs. We know having four adults and two pre-schoolers in one house will be an adjustment. Once the renovations are finished downstairs Pop and Grammy will have their own apartment with a separate entrance. We are all excited and can't wait to make the transition.

These are the next steps...complete the basement renovation, sell the house in SC and move Grammy and Pop in. We are trusting that God will go before us in this transition. Our biggest prayer request right now is that the house will sell quickly. Grammy will be staying in SC in order to work and get the house sold. As you can imagine it's not much fun for them to be apart.

Here are some pics from demo day. Thank you to our friends that helped! Pop, the place is ready for you. See you soon!


  1. What a blessing to look back and see God's hand in what is happening with Four Sisters Farm! It was incredible to be there and watch how quickly the "Demo Team" worked. Amazing! Thank you to all of them and for the gals who came with them (and the sweet little girls too). Pop and I are in your debt. Thanks again.

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  3. We want to come check out what is going on down there!

  4. Several seasons in my lifetime have involved four generations living under the same roof. All as a married woman with a young family of my own. All - without exception - a blessing beyond compare.

    I would never trade a single day of those precious seasons of life with those wonderful Godly parents and grandparents that we were blessed enough to count a part of our household and every day life.

    I *LOVE* that my children grew up knowing their grandmothers and great-grandmother as daily friends - not occasional acquaintances. I love that they got to see us face problems, challenges, and heartaches together - and work through them with prayer and love and care for one another.

    I am SO excited for you! I am so excited for your children! What a treasure you have been given!

  5. How fun! I'm a great painter when you get to that point...just give me a buzz!

  6. This is EJ, my lovely wife didn't put in the post all the OUTSIDE things that we did to the place once we moved here's list, nonexhastive of course...:
    * create positive slope around the whole house, including moving an A/C for a day
    * tore out 3-4 flower beds in the process of creating positive slope.
    * bush-hogged ~3 acres of ground that had grass/weeds around 4 - 6 foot tall.
    * cut down four trees all 4 foot in diameter at the base of the trunk
    * cut up said trees into logs to burn in fireplace and split too big ones (this took months)
    * clear where the limbs were (this again took months)
    * mow running paths around the whole place for walking on, running on (for me my dream cross country course!), and getting to the pond on.
    * fix pond damn
    * trim all trees that were overgrown (ok all trees would have sufficed there becuase they all needed it).
    * patch-up, fix, dig out, clean out, repair, and get altogether ready the chicken coop
    * prepair the ground for the garden with poop.
    * repair a barn wall (it had fallen over).
    * burn one pile of wood so far, still need to burn another mamoth one.
    * fix well
    * fix wellhouse
    * put fence up on front porch so as to have an Arkansas play pen
    * clear out and plant new flower bed
    * clean out all mud-dobber nests from garage (it hadn't been done in over 5 years I bet).
    * organize and clean hay barn.
    * create veggie garden.
    * repair part of barn roof.
    * repair house roof around chimney.
    * put new sump pump in.
    * patch cracks in concrete porch.

    I'm sure that there's more, but you get the idea...