Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Make that 5 adults and 2 kiddos

Pretty Princess is coming to live with us too! We only get her for a couple of months because she will go back to school in August. It's been a long time since I got to live with one of my sisters. I know it will be fun! She is still recovering from her injury so it will be nice to have her where we can all take care of her. Old habits die hard. When you are the youngest I guess everyone wants to take care of you!

We cleared out the guest bedroom and turned it into her place. We still need to hang things up on the wall but it is coming together nicely.

We only have three bedrooms on the main floor. Ours, the cowboys and Pretty Princess' pad so that leaves no room for Pop who will be here renovating the basement. We had to get creative. Check out Pop's place in the unfinished basement. I did my best to make it look homey. (is that a word?)
Do you think by placing a book on his night stand he won't notice the piles of storage in his room? Probably not going to work but it's worth a shot.

I am excited to have a full house! I called Rock Star to tell her that. She laughed and said this was probably my dream. (I always love having everyone around). Rock Star seemed a little concerned, "call me on day three" she said. I replied, "Will I sounds something like this...EVERYONE IS MAD AND NO ONE WILL EAT MY MEATLOAF!" She just laughed. When I relayed the story to Pop he said, "If that happens, you might have to relegate us to the barn!"


  1. Is there a child in there somewhere? love that picture where he is peaking out!

    You are going to have a very full sounds like fun! We always say...the more the merrier!!!


  2. Everything looks great and it sounds like it is going to be a great summer. It was really nice to meet Pretty Princess the other day too. Be sure to bring her to more events this summer!