Thursday, February 5, 2009

The family of SUPERHEROES!!

Our family is SILLY! We dance for no reason, tell jokes that make no sense and our favorite thing to do as a group is play "superheroes".
PhoJo is the lead superman and my hero. He works harder than anyone I know and doesn't seem to mind. He loves me and our boys and loves the Lord. He dreams big, and accomplishes much! He's gentle and sweet and has an obsession with chinese food.

I prefer mexican food... and italian... and anything meatless! I have recently lost about 70lbs and that's where the "rockstar" name comes from. (thanks to my oldest sis for that!)

I love to make people laugh. I love to laugh at myself too, which I had to do growing up because mom and dad didn't seem to find me as funny as I found myself! LOL Thank God for Farm Chick who laughed at everything I did! She was great for my self-esteem. I love love love being a mom. I think it's the coolest job in the world and I believe that all mom's should receive a superhero name and cape the moment their children arrive.

Speaking of children, let me introduce my boys!! My oldest, known as superman is a hoot!! His personality is much like his aunt (farm chick). He's so so sweet, sensitive and has a gag reflex that you would not believe!! He almost pukes every time his little brother poops, so we change diapers quickly in this house. Chocolate makes him puke, hair will too... it's insane! He was born to be a super hero and maybe a comedian as his day job. He loves to make face and tells me a hundred times a day, "mom check out my serious face!" (see pic below LOL) He's just

Now for Spiderman! He's chubby and snuggly and into EVERYTHING! He's so funny, loves to smile and laugh, loves to eat, and hates being contained in his car seat. He's one now and terribly smart! We read books all day and he learns new words by the minute! He's so stinking cute (just like brother), he's stubborn and seems to have an opinion about everything, it will be crazy when he has the vocabulary to let us know what he's thinking. He's just amazing.

I feel like crying as I tell you about my boys because I love them so much. They have taught me more about God's love than I ever dreamed possible. My love for my family makes me want to break out into song! Someday they will make fun of me for saying that, but I'll just sing "I love you a bushel and a peck!"


  1. Great pics! You skinny little thing...I need to feed you. Hee Hee. The Superheroes are awesome! :)

  2. P.S. I still love to laugh at your jokes!

  3. You guys rock! And my nephews are so stinkin' cute! How'd we get so blessed to have such a "gaggle" of beautiful kiddos? You left out the fact that you are the resident photographer! And very talented, I might ad!

  4. I had to laugh out loud when I read your comments about Superman's gag's funny how we see traits in our children that are evidence of the blood line we are a part of. (Like some of the sisters having pinkies like your aunt.) I wish we had laughed more when you girls were small...I mean, we did have some great times but you really were funny and when Farm Chick got tickled at you, no one could resist cracking up...then there was you and Pretty Princess with "Popogigio" and "Gomasagamo." I thought I would lose control of the car that day! Ah...memories. I love all you superheroes.

  5. You look amazing young lady. It is a so funny to see you with all those sweet boys. I am so happy to hear God is blessing you with mommyhood. I knew you would do awesome. We love you and so enjoy checking in on the Four Sisters Farm. You really are a Rockstar. Keep up the good work.

  6. You have some cute kiddos!

    You look great too!