Monday, February 2, 2009

About Grammy and Pop

Pop says:

I am a man who comes from simple, decent people who knew God and loved family. I am one of seven children and was raised as much by my older siblings and grandmother as by my folks. My parents loved me and I’m convinced did the best they could to give us a good life. They struggled to overcome their own demons and shortcomings, and sometimes that translated to hard times for us kids. I grew up simple, playing sports, fishing, hunting and dreaming of the future. It was a good life and I was more fortunate than many.

The greatest blessing in this life has been being married to Grammy. We have been together since we were just kids and I wouldn’t change a thing. She has given me four beautiful daughters who each own the parts of my heart that don’t belong to Grammy. I have three wonderful son-in-laws and a great prospect for a fourth. There is no greater blessing for a father than to see his daughter loved by a Godly man. These are good men and I respect each one.

I have made a career of federal law enforcement and currently work at a prominent law enforcement training academy. I have enjoyed many great years as a law enforcement officer with plenty of excitement and just enough risk to be interesting. It has been an awesome ride and I now find myself in the role of boss and mentor to those who do what I used to do. I believe in justice and have always wanted to challenge those who take advantage and abuse others. God has given me this drive and blessed me with a career where I can pursue my passion.

It is interesting how you can be many different people to many different people. Most of the people I work with and associate with in my have no idea I am “Pop”. This is the title bestowed on me by my grandchildren and I treasure it. It is how my father was known to those who knew him best. I love being Pop and I am never more at peace than when I am with my children and grandchildren.

This is a great time of life and I am humbled by God’s rich blessings. I’m at the peak of my career and enjoying great success. Our children and grandchildren are healthy and blessed. I have time with my beautiful wife and we share this dream we call “Four Sisters Farm”.

Grammy says:

My favorite descriptors of myself are the names by which I am called: I’m called a “Child of God” which is a title that means eternal life to me because He created me, has a purpose for my life, and loves me so much He sent His only Son as my Savior. All my other relationships spring from the relationship I have with my Father God. He is love and it is His love I share with all those who call me by any of my names.

I’m called “Wife”; “Babe” and “Dear” by Pop, my precious husband of more than 32 years (see pic above). You’ll read more about our story soon; but for now I’ll tell you that I love Pop more now than ever. We dream together more than ever before and have been incredibly blessed by God with our family.

I’m called “Mom” by our four beautiful daughters – I remember as a girl dreaming about being a mom. I wanted to be as beautiful a mother as my mom and have a lot of children to love. I wanted to sing songs (like You Are My Sunshine and I Love You a Bushel and a Peck like my mom did) to them and play with them like my mom did. I was not anywhere near the mother I dreamed I would be but our girls love me anyway and still call me “Mom.” I love that I also have three (so far) sons who came to know me as “Mom” when they married our three older daughters. These grownup kids of ours are awesome friends now and one of my favorite pastimes is visiting with them late into the evening after a great day of playing with the grandkids.

I’m called “Grammy” by our eight incredible grandchildren. I chose the title “Grammy” in honor of my paternal grandmother who was called Grammy by her grandchildren. She was my “go to” person anytime I needed total love and acceptance. There was never a time I felt unloved by her and now that I’m a “grammy” I understand why – there is an all-encompassing love that comes with the birth of a grandchild! I have loved being a wife and loved being a mother; but being a grandmother has brought me to a new understanding of what love it.

I’m called “daughter” by my parents and I feel so grateful to God for the privilege to still have them in my life and in the lives of my children and grandchildren. I am also grateful for being called “daughter” by Pop’s parents who are waiting for us in heaven.

I’m called “sister” by one sister and three brothers I don’t get to see or talk to nearly often enough but who I know would do anything I need at a moment’s notice. I am also called "sister" by my "siblings-in-Christ" who claim Christ as Savior and God as their Father like I do. I’m also called “niece”, “cousin”, “sister-in-law” by a large extended family on both branches of my family tree and have so many great memories of family times. I’m called “friend” by people who have made a choice to love me and invite me to share in their lives. I am privileged to have friends from many places over the years. God is good and I am richly blessed.

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  1. Hey Grammy and Pop,
    That was awesome! Thanks for kicking off our "getting to know you" week. I hope you are having a wonderful day! :)
    Farm Chick