Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Farm Hands

So are you enjoying this week's getting to know you theme? I have heard folks say that they get confused about who is who. This week should help!
It's my turn now. "You got me, Dad? You got me?" (hold on, I'll explain)

I am a middle child. Although there are four of us, by the time Pretty Princess came along I had claimed the spot as middle child. Always trying to get the attention. There is a home video of all of us in the Sheriff's back yard (the Sheriff is our beloved paternal grandpa...Pop's Pop...he went home in 1990). Anyway, the video shows a graceful DW doing gymnastic moves and a cute baby Rock Star toddling around. I am busy trying to get in the middle of the action. Yelling at the camera, "You got me, Dad? Dad, you got me?" as I attempt to get in every shot. At one point, he finally says, "move out of the way." I was watching this with the family several years ago and told them all, "See there's proof! This is why I have middle child syndrome." What a dork! :)

EJ and I are college sweet hearts. We will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in June. We love to talk about politics and both like to listen to talk radio. We are striving to learn what it means to have a biblical worldview and to live that out. Like most families we struggle to keep a balance. EJ works a lot of hours at his office and also works hard at the farm. We say no to a lot of opportunities. There is only so much of us to go around.

I guess I should be gracious and tell you about EJ first. I'm used to it. You know being a middle child and all. Hee Hee.

EJ is a one of a kind, never forget him, sort of guy. He has a big smile and he loves to use it. "I like smiling, smilings my favorite" (Will Farrel as Buddy Elf) He is an only child and a born salesman. He always says the best sale of his life was convincing me to marry him! He has an inner joy that could only come from the Lord. He is a runner. He has run in two marathons. He has a beautiful voice and always wows anyone who hears it. He is also the "piano man" in the family. He is a hunter, a fisherman and now it seems a farmer. He loves Christmas time. Each year he anxiously awaits the day after Thanksgiving when it is time for the ceremonially hanging of the Christmas lights. (Think Clark Griswold) He is a hard worker and is driven to accomplish the next goal. He is known to jump in with both feet when he has a new challenge to conquer. His mind is always on overdrive. Man, that man is a thinker. He loves his career and he loves people. Good thing they go hand in hand. He is highly motivated by prizes. (This has served me well as EJ's job rewards him with trips when he reaches certain goals). He is a talker and he loves any kind of social gathering. A party isn't a party without EJ.

I am tender hearted and compassionate, sometimes to a fault. I love organization and having things scheduled. I struggle to stay fashionable and wish my sisters could always be on hand to shop for me and dress me. I have a strange fear of hair. Not when it is attached but when it is on the floor, in the drain, etc. Grosses me out SO much. I could never be a hair dresser. I love to cook and have company over. I love to laugh, not at corny jokes (sorry EJ) but usually at funny stories told by my family and friends. I like to read, especially books that make me truly ponder how to be a better wife and mother. I drink too much coffee but gave up soda pop and I still miss it. 4 or 5 times a week I escape to the gym (once the boys are in bed and EJ is home) I go for three reasons. 1. To get healthy and strong 2. To spend time with my gym buddy (a dear friend I met over a year ago at the gym) 3. To take a break from the 24/7 job of being a momma. I cry easily. I am incredibly passionate about my family, my friends & my faith. I never take being a mother for granted. For two long years I wept and cried out to God for children. EJ was a steady support system and always assured me that we would have little ones one way or another. I believe that God is the giver of life and I will always be grateful that he chose me to be the cowboys' momma. I will continue to pray that he will bless us with more.
Our oldest cowboy, Bubba, turned 3 years old in December. He is pretty sure that the month of December exists just for him. Santa, Baby Jesus and his birthday. He keeps asking us "when is it December?" He is the only brown eyed baby in the family. He is potty trained now...whoo hoo! His vocabulary is huge and he is always picking up new words. He is a little moody in the morning and when he is hungry or tired. (Okay, he definitely got this from me) He loves to do anything with Daddy. He is fascinated by the tractor. He wants to be outside running free at all times. Winter has been tough for him. He often says, "Daddy is my best friend." He is my little helper around the house. His favorite job is taking a trash sack (with Wubba's diaper in it) to the mud room. This job has benefits because his fishing pole is in there. This task usually takes him a few minutes while he dreams about going fishing.

Little brother, Wubba, is always hot on Bubba's trail. He keeps up very well! His smile will melt your heart. He can communicate clearly although he doesn't have that many words yet. He is 21 months old and his baby stage is going way too fast! He has always been able to climb and jump his way out of anything. We had to take his crib down much earlier than Bubba because he kept doing a spiderman jump out of it! I love watching his little mind work. He is always trying to put toys together, put on shoes, etc. He also loves the outdoors and yells at Daddy if he is outside without him. We laugh because he will yell outside, "Daddy, DADDY, DADDY" if that gets no response he starts to yell Daddy's first name. I guess he figures that works for mommy!

We adore watching them just be brothers. We are so glad they have each other to do this life with.

Life on the farm is exciting but also very challenging. We are trying to learn as fast as we can. We have never regretted our decision to be the "farm hands" for one second. Although this city girl is still shocked that I am so happy here. We have the opportunity to slow down and really enjoy life each day!

"Ya'll come back HEAR ME?" Says Bubba who is packin' some serious heat!


  1. Great post! I think they "got you now." LOL Kiss those cowboys for me!

  2. I am enjoying seeing each of you write a description of yourselves. It sounds like fun out there on the farm. Those boys are precious.

  3. Awww...DW stole the essence of my comment...Farm Chick - we've totally "got you" and will never let you go...we've always had you. :-) We (Pop and I) are so totally blessed by our girls...beyond anything we could ever ask or think.