Thursday, February 12, 2009


We had a theater class together. He was crazy shy and I was just crazy. I thought he was so so handsome and wanted to know him. We got to know each other a little and then he moved with his family to SC. I was heartbroken!! We hadn't known each other long, but I knew there was something BIG there and was begging God to work it out! When school began again that following year I was shocked when he came walking down the hall! I yelled to him and even though he's quiet and shy he grinned and yelled back. I fell hard and quick. I remember telling my dad one evening "Dad, I am smitten." He gave me a goofy look and said "well, who has smitten thee daughter?" I told him about this amazing man and it wasn't long that they would meet.
We were young... really young! But confident in our love for each other and we knew that God was orchestrating every detail. We had the easiest first year of marriage EVER! We were poor but didn't know it, we played video games for dates, made each other meals every day and dreamed of quitting jobs and doing nothing but being together! Nowadays we play superheros and knights, feed a child every five minutes and dream of being successful enough to do nothing but be together. There's no one on earth I'd rather have children with, share my heart with.

As for things that drive me crazy!! This wonderful man of mine can NOT find anything. His shoes could fall out of the sky and hit him in the face and he would still ask, "Honey, do you know where my shoes are?" Just this morning our oldest came in the bathroom and said "mommy, daddy is looking for my shoes. Can you go find them please, I wanna go bye bye." To be fair, he DID find the shoes THIS time. I love you, Husband.

My beautiful wife knows me better then anyone. I think it is safe to say that I am a shy person which is why my version seems so much funnier in my head. During the middle of my junior year I had returned to Kansas to finish up High School in hopes to redefine myself. I knew that God had plans for me and that I was willing to listen to Him. My thought was that I would become more outgoing and adventurous so I enrolled in a theater class to push myself in front of the crowd....then I walked in and met my future wife. First, I'm a sucker for blue eyes and she has the most stunning blue eyes you could ever hope to see. They also scared the ever loving pants off me. Obviously this made the whole process of making Phojo a new man a little bit harder. It took about three months for me to move my seat from one side of the room to the other in hopes to catch the attention of my future bride. Unfortunately once I finally got enough nerve to talk to her I had to move back to South Carolina (stinkin parents) for the summer.

I spent the entire summer trying to plan my next move. Yes, I am that smooth. After returning yet again to Kansas to finally finish school I made it my personal goal to learn everything about this little Rockstar and make her my best friend. Finally we both felt that we had developed something more than just friendship and my lovely wife confessed that she had a "crush" to which I politely turned her down. WHAT AN IDIOT. Didn't I say I was smooth. I was so unsure about my parents future plans for me that it made it hard to pursue Rockstar.
We decided to remain friends but it soon became abundantly clear that this amazing woman was what God had been leading me to all along. I told God that I wasn't sure of myself but I was completely sure of His will. So with this extra boost of confidence I finally had the courage to confess to Rockstar that I too had a "crush" and that it was more than just that. I was smitten.

My wife and I still laugh when we think about how we fell in love. Everyday I get to stare into those stunning blue eyes and I feel complete. I am amazed at how God orchestrates our life and how I know that this has all been within His timing. I could not imagine anyone else being the answer to so many prayers. If you have ever made a list of things you hope God will present in your life you can go ahead and look at my wife and you'll know what mine are.

As for the things that drive me wife really enjoys rearranging our home..a lot...just about every two weeks. Hmm..maybe that's why Phojo can't find anything.


  1. I love it! You guys are so stinkin' cute together. :)

  2. I remember the girls bible study group hearing about Jonathon for the "first" time and wondering if we would have to kill him quickly or if it would be a slow and painful death. Instead, we fell in love with him too and celebrated with you both.

  3. You two make me laugh! I'm blessed by the sister and brother I have in both of you!

  4. You two are awesome together and you make adorable little superheroes! I'm glad you listened to God. I love you!