Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Gardening stuff...YAY!!!!

OH YEAH BABY!!!! We're getting close to being able to plant. We bought some great new tools for gardening. I have been working also in many other facets to get the garden ready for planting.

Here are the new tools:
Here's a garden fork...I looks like a really big table fork. It has bigger tines than a hay fork. This is a hoe specifically for doing rows in the garden.

This is my new hand cultivator. Great deal at Ace for $6 less than Lowes.

This is my new "T-Post" driver that I got at Orchlens for $16!!! Most of the time they're $30+! So with this new device I have been able to put up some of the T-Posts along the sides so that I can still till if needed. This driver made the driving process so much easier, it was well worth the money that I paid for it.

Here I am driving one of those posts! EASY!