Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Our Mom on Mother's Day

(Written by all Four Sisters)

They call her Grammy, We call her Mom
But all of us really think she is "the Bomb."
She loves all of us for the unique people we are
And prays for us often when we're near or far.

She and Pop are heading back Kansas way,
Pop got a new job (cause we all did pray).
Now they will be close when we need a hand
With room for the kids cause they bought lots of land!

She's a great listening ear with a warm hug, ta boot.
She's worth more than gold or a bag full of loot!
She's a loving wife to our Dad and she shows us the way
To act when things seem so hard...come on, let's pray.

She seems to glow with the light of our Lord.
She knows she's redeemed and she acts in accord!
Mom shares all that love with each person she meets
Whether being hospitable or baking them sweets.

She loves all her family and makes things so
It's her desire that in wisdom we all will grow.
"People act the way they do for a reason" she'd often say
and "trash in, trash out" became a mainstay.

Mom makes a mean Chile Verde with just the right spice
and she taught all her kids to just be nice.
Her love for corny jokes makes laughter a breeze
and through her blood line we all have "sturdy" knees.

When we were kids she loved to dress us alike
She passed down that trait to her delight
Each Christmas she makes sure our PJs aren't late
From the oldest to the youngest we coordinate.

She has loved us without hesitation through the craziest of things
Such as letting our sisters cut our cute little blonde bangs.
She’s a noble woman filled with such grace and such class
She has taught her daughters’ important lessons learned in her past.

Mumsy is a woman with many gifts and talents
She can cook like a pro and can hang a perfect valance
She works so hard to take care of her family, her work, and her home
I bet sometimes she even wishes for the cleaning she could have a clone!

Mom is wicked at the game of checkers made by the Chinese
But even when she smokes you, with a hug, she leaves you feeling at ease.
Did I mention she makes potato soup that makes you feel so nice and warm?
All that cheese and starchy veggie make a mix far “souperior” to the Campbell’s norm.

When we were little we were convinced that mom had magic skills
She could turn off the sun, remove her thumb, that one gave me chills!
She could go without sleep for what seemed like weeks on end
And still have energy to be a supermom and friend.

So for Mother's Day we all come together to let her know,
Mom we think you're beautiful from head to toe!
Our love and adoration for you grows more every day,
And our appreciation for you mom is more than we can say!

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  1. Oh my! I am such a proud mom right now! God has blessed me so abundantly with our daughters! What this sweet poem tells me is that my daughters value what is truly important - things of God, relationships, grace, mercy (as well as fun and good food).

    I am overcome with gratitude to our Mighty God who has given me abundantly,exceedingly more than I could ask, think, or dream.

    Thank You, Father, for the blessings of family. Thank You for giving Pop and I daughters who love You and honor You in their lives. Thank You for our daughters' husbands ("our" sons) who strive to lead their families as You direct. Thank You for our precious grandchildren who add exponentially to the joy in our lives. Thank You for the opportunity You have given Pop and me to come back to Kansas and to live among all these blessings. Your great love for us is evident all around. Thank You.