Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ok so this past Saturday my lovely bride and I went hunting and gathering (went to Aldi the greatest grocery store in the world, which happens to be owned by one of the top 10-15 richest people in the world), and then weeded and did some much needed gardening, or at least as much as you can do when you've received 10"+ of rain in the last 10 days. For those of you counting that's over 1"/day, when most people would say that 1"/week is good. So we may be losing some plants because of them drowning.

Here are the green onions that came up from bulbs. Growing nicely...
Next to the green onions is 3 rows of carrots...also coming along very nicely.Here's one of the more mature pea plants grabbing ahold of the trellis.

Here's the corn after we have put down the newspaper and put hay on top of that for mulch so we don't have to weed! How awesome it that!
You can see our 50+ garlic that are coming up here. You can see the freshly tilled dirt to the left where we planted our basil, dill, parsley, and thyme. So now we have our full herb garden.
Here's some modern art that we constructed in the middle of the garden to symbolize the bean in it's struggle to grow out of the dirt and once it does....ok that's big load of poo....ha ha. These are our Tee pees that we built, I built two already and we just built three more. This metal one is the tallest. I don't know if the beans will fully use this, but we'll see.
As you can see most of them are more like around 5' tall or so.

These are just some of the weeds that we ad to pull.
This is not a weed, but lettuce, either buttercrunch or salad bowl, I don't know which they gave me a mix at the seed shop.
Here's a couple of broccoli, both have a "tree" coming out also!


  1. Looks fab. Our garden is doing okay. Plants that I thought died in that wierd snow came back to life, so we have broccoli too. I am impressed that you all keep up with things so well. We have a hard time keeping the weeds under control and are being overcome by grass already. Jackie tilled some of it up, and then our tiller broke...this is usually the type of situation that causes us to lose control!

  2. EJ and FC - the garden looks really awesome! Great work - you've been smart and done a lot of research (as well as a lot of work) and it is paying off! Way to go!