Monday, May 25, 2009

Taking a Break

Good thing we live in the country. A neighborhood association wouldn't stand for this! Doc and EJ are going to take care of this mess this afternoon.After working on the basement (and mowing) we had to get out and have a little fun. Check out EJ finishing up the mowing. I've never seen a guy look so happy to mow for hours on end. First, we fed the crew. All 8 grand kids are here and Rock Star has grand baby number nine in her tummy! Next a trip to the pond with cupcakes in hand.Then a visit to the chickens. The ladies really liked the berries DW picked for them.
Superman overcame his fear of the chickens and had a blast chasing them round the yard. In this photo I think the chicken is explaining that she is a nice girl and he doesn't have to be afraid of her.
Pretty Princess made it out there in her walking boot to say hello to the chickens.In this photo I am rounding up all the boys. They were probably taking off on some dangerous adventure when I messed up their plan.To finish off the night we went to the front yard and played some soccer.

Little Lady bug sat on the porch with her aunt and Daddy.

Isn't she so adorable!


  1. Aww- so much fun! My mom has chickens too and Punky likes to go out there and say, "Bawk Bawk!" at them. Then I get mad because she can speak chicken but has yet to say, "Mama!"

    Stupid chickens.

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time, in spite of your basement being torn up!