Friday, May 1, 2009

How to party like a 2 year old

Our sweet baby, Wubba, turned 2 just a few days ago. It's hard to believe that it has been two years since my water broke followed by 12 hours of hard labor followed by an emergency c-section. I won't share the labor room stories here but I will tell you I'm not a very nice person when I am in labor. Good thing that will never happen again. (2 emergency c-sections puts a girl out of the running for ever laboring again...always a c-section from now on). Alright, I know, it's not all about me. On with the story.

First of all, Wubba picked out his own party theme. I took him down the party aisle at Target and waited to see if he would point to anything. Sure enough I heard, "BALL! BALL! MOMMA, BALL!" Ladies and Gentleman, we have a theme. I quickly contacted a friend who decorates cakes and asked her to make "Ball Cupcakes." Didn't she do a fantastic job! They were tasty too. I also found all kinds of ball themed party favors in the after Easter sales. Who knew sports balls mean Easter. None the less, it was a bargain.

To make his birthday extra special we had the whole family over for dinner (with the exception of PhoJo and Romeo...stinkin' work! Romeo was able to join us later but PhoJo works late into the night). A Four Sisters Farm signature dinner was served. Mexican food. We find that even our picky eaters can fill their tummies with good 'ol Mexican food.

After dinner, Grandpa and Grandma joined us. (EJ's folks - I've got to come up with a good name for each of them - they are so much fun and I can think of lots of fun nicknames!) Their arrival made this the first birthday party for either of my children where both sets of grandparents were present. What a special night. Look at Wubba's happy little face while both of his Grandmas are doting on him!

Here is our little family! Man, I love all my guys!

In true boy style Wubba quickly put on his new goggles and fired up his chain saw. As you know, every good farm boy has to have a chain saw. His brother has one and now Wubba has one to match. This is important since spring has arrived and many a tree needs to be cut down. Notice that he was still wearing it for the photo op with his grandparents.

Happy Birthday, Wubba! Thanks family for making it so special!


  1. I think you've mentioned her before, but who is your friend that made the cupckaes and does she make cookies too? I'm looking for someone to make ballerina cookies for Alexa's birthday.

  2. It was SO much fun to be there for Wyatt's party! I can hardly believe he is two already either...he is such a fun (and funny) child and Pop and I can hardly wait to spend more time watching him "chainsaw" all those dead limbs on the trees at the farm!

  3. Happy Birthday Wubba!! Time sure flies :)

  4. Those cupcakes look yummy! Who decorated them? I wouldl like to know your secrets there....

    Your boys are just precious!


  5. I love his precious little smile. And having both sets of grandparents there on one night must have been fantastic!