Saturday, May 30, 2009


You can take that title any way you want to. It could be these studs that were put in the basement or it could be the awesome men who are doing all the work. When I asked EJ if they had the studs up he stood up and said, "Yes!"Grammy, do not be alarmed by the picture below. Pop assures me that the bathtub will not be smack dab in the middle of your room. Although, he did think it might be nice to roll out of bed and into the tub. As Gma used to say, "I'm gonna wash my filthy body!" Pop is posing here with the cowboys/foremen. It was tricky to get the shot without the boys jamming the tools into the Styrofoam stuff. Little stinkers!

This update was brought to you by farm chick...the lady who is keeping bellies full and underwear clean. It's a privilege to take care of this crew! :)


  1. We may pop in tomorrow! We are kidless for the day!

  2. Farm Chick...thanks for keeping those bellies full and underwear washed! I would help if I were there! Thanks also for documenting the helps me to see what's new and spurs me on to keep working on things here. I love you!