Thursday, April 14, 2011

The soon-to-be birthday boy

Wubba is SO excited to be turning 4!  His birthday isn't for another week and a half but his party is in a week.  The one thing we know he wants for sure is Duck Hunt.  It's been on his mind for ages.  In fact, he regularly asked to go to Target to see Duck Hunt.  The last time we went to Target we decided to do a photo wish list for his grandparents.  He loved taking pictures with cool toys.

Duck Hunt Game

Spiderman Truck

Imaginext SpaceToy

Spider Man Web Shooter

Imaginext Airplanes

Trio Super Heroes


  1. Wubba is SO cute! I can't believe he is almost four. Can't wait for the party!!!!

  2. That's a pretty good b-day list!! He's so silly! I love that little monkey!