Monday, April 25, 2011

You heard right...I gotta "coke guy"

So it all began last summer when Farm Chick and I were on a cruise in the Caribbean. We were walking out of the Jungle and what did we see...but a coke stand. I don't know if you know it, but Mexican coke is NOT the same as American coke. American coke is made with processed corn instead of REAL SUGAR!!! Those cokes that we had were DELICIOUS!!!!

Fast forward to several weeks ago; someone tipped me off that I could score some Mexican coke here in our home town. So I decided go buy some. They are 99 cents each, and let me tell you...I was soooooo excited!!!

So I bought four of them, and that same night Farm Chick and I decided that we should pop the tops of a couple of them. The problem is that we popped the tops at 10pm. Farm Chick and I haven't drank pop in a long while...barring that cruise coke, in years. Well lets just say that it wasn't a good idea. Because we got WOUND UP! We were laying in bed at 1am (2 hours after going to bed) just talking away, trying to figure out why we weren't the least bit tired?!!! That's what coke will do to you! (pun intended)!!

So a couple days later we're telling Pop about the coke that we had and what effect it had on us. He asked me "...where did you get the coke?" I replied, "...I got a guy..." He laughed and said, "wow, it sounds like you got a problem...a serious problem that you guys need help with!"

We decided to try the dark stuff again for a second time and see how far down the rabbit hole goes. This time though we started at 8pm so that we wouldn't be up so late with our problem. However, that did NOTHING. We were up again until 1am rambling on about stupid stuff and not being able to turn our minds off!

So this is a lesson for you kids out there...DON'T DO COKE! I'm sorry, I meant: DON'T DRINK COKE! Mexican coke that is! It'll make your mind do some crazy stuff!

So with that in mind, bottoms up!


  1. Can you buy Mexican DIET Coke, too? Just wonderin...

  2. African coke is made with real sugar as well. I absolutely loved it when we were in Kenya! Corn syrup is crap!