Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is my friend.  I call her "Jewels" because that is what she has been adding to her crown lately...she has been a constant at Four Sisters Farm.  She can manage power tools, staple guns, hand tools of all sorts, water name it.  She was raised on a farm and loves the farm life which is fortunate for me and for Pop!  

She also recently celebrated her birthday here which I felt pretty bad about!  We worked all day and evening that day.  We did have a delicious dinner and some angel food cake to celebrate.  She claims it was a good birthday but I think I was the one who got the gift! 

Thanks, Jewels!!

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  1. It was my gift to you to be able to work with you and remember I "might" "will" be calling on you when it's time to work on my "love shack"!!