Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pre-Surgery To Do List

As you know, Pop is facing shoulder surgery.  He is one tough guy.  I am convinced that a lesser man would have already undergone the procedure but Pop (with his surgeon's permission) is doggedly completing the tasks on his "Pre-Surgery To Do List".  He is nearly there.  We have been blessed with family and friends who have chipped in to help.

When we began the main floor renovation, we could not have dreamed that the pace we were planning would have to be accelerated due to injury.  We were thinking that we would just chip away at it.  We planned to still "have a life" while we were rebuilding...after all, we have our living space in the basement that is comfortable and don't have to live in the sawdust.  When Pop learned he was facing surgery we knew we had to at least put things together enough that we wouldn't be heating all our acreage this winter with propane.  Because of the progress we had already made in tearing things down, we really had no wise choice but to "button things" up with insulation and that is the goal.  If we had had it our way, we would have taken our time and done most of the work on our own.  Instead, God chose another way to rebuild our house and with His grace we are almost to get it done with the help of our precious family and friends.  We are blessed and we are grateful!  The Lord is indeed building the house and we give Him the glory.  Our prayer is that it will be used to honor God and be a blessing to all who come here.

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

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