Monday, October 31, 2011

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk...or Coffee

I try hard to take good care of Pop all the time; but with his shoulder surgery, I've tried extra hard to be helpful and get what he needs.  Simple things like brushing your teeth are not to be taken for granted!  I've cut up sandwiches into bite sizes and prepared foods at temperatures that wouldn't burn his mouth.

I recently set him up with some coffee - of course in a thermos-type mug with a screw on lid.  He picked it up and took a sip and I watched wide-eyed as liquid dripped onto his shirt and noticed that the lid was askew.  I grabbed it and quickly fixed it as Pop began to laugh...hard.  Me too.  I felt really silly and it felt good to laugh.

I hope we maintain a sense of humor about things that will most certainly come as we get older.  Good thing the coffee wasn't crazy hot.  No use crying over spilled coffee.  I love Pop.

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