Sunday, October 16, 2011

Productive Procrastination

Old Insulation - after messing with it to get to things above it.
 I totally dislike doing insulation.  It is yucky.  A mask is required which makes it hard to breathe and sometimes fogs up my glasses.  Little particles of spun fiberglass and 35 years of dust fly freely and in our case, there are more things flying.  I have chosen not to take pictures of the gross stuff.  Some things are just better forgotten.

You see, in our "attic" space there was apparently a condo village for mud daubers as well as a large "herd" of mice at some point in the life of this house.  We know this because as we have moved insulation to do wiring and to fix things "up there", we have been inundated with know what I'm talking about...mouse droppings...but that is not the worst.  We have even had mouse skeletons drop out of the insulation.  Once I even accidentally picked one up thinking it was just a piece of insulation.  I'm not overly squeamish but I almost threw it into the next room!

Newly Insulated Ceiling
So when insulating is the task at hand, I tend to procrastinate.  My friend Jewels was working with me recently and saw evidence of this.  When she tried to steer me back to the task (several times) I kept finding something else we needed to do BEFORE we got started on the insulation.  You know...start the laundry, clean the mud room up after Pop and I had slung sawdust all over it installing a new back door...things like that...they HAD to be done!  Even cleaning toilets sounds like a  preferred chore.  So even when I am procrastinating, it is productive.  Do you get me?

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