Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Okay, Lord! Show us how You build a house. We're willing!

This is Pop...he is many things...passionate...playful...powerful.  I love him so much that sometimes it is nearly painful!  If you know him well, you know that his passion extends to his family, his friends, his coworkers, and oftentimes even to some fortunate soul who simply crosses his path.  He cheers for the underdog and encourages others to succeed.

Pop is facing a challenge right now that is really testing him.  He has injured his right shoulder...seriously...he has seen a surgeon and faces surgery soon.  The recovery will be long and difficult.   I know he can handle it and will overcome.  I've seen him ignore pain and carry on.  I've watched him train for and run a marathon (among other races).  I've watched him power through injuries to accomplish tasks that weaker men would have surrendered to.  But this time, he must submit to the repair or suffer further debilitating damage.  The repairs should be effective and Pop should soon be able to do all the things he has always done.

If you have been following this blog, you know that we are in the process of renovating the main floor of the Four Sisters Farm house.  It isn't a good time for Pop to be injured.  There is still much to be done before we can call in the drywaller.  There are walls to be moved, wires to be run, a tub and a shower to be put in place, doors to be installed, and the list goes on.  Pop continues to work, with pain.  We knew the renovation would be a time-consuming challenge; but we didn't plan for Pop's injury.  It is intensely frustrating for him.

Our precious sons (acquired through marriage to the Four Sisters) have all stepped in to help when they can.  Their schedules are full, responsibilities heavy, and they take their commitments seriously.  Pop and I know that it is a sacrifice for all of them to offer their time and abilities.  We are simply grateful.  Oh, so grateful...for them and for the friends who have helped off and on since we started "building" Four Sisters Farm.

In a recent post I stated my desire to allow the LORD to build our house.  Since we took on the renovation, Pop has often looked at me and asked, "Can we do this or did we bite off more than we can chew?"  My response is that we CAN do eating an bite at a time...Lord willing.  I am watching to see God's hand in our lives...and specifically in the building of this house.

Stay tuned.

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  1. you know, if your trust is in the lord you are right where you need to be. i'm sorry pop is needing surgery, but God will work this out. i've been in the "have we chewed off more than we could handle" boat plenty of times with home renovations, and matt and i have always coming out smelling pretty good ;) whenever i start to falter, God gives me little signs. a craft lauren made in school that hangs on our corkboard that states "God will provide." and the other day driving into work and seeing a car's plate that read "Trust in God." i'll be staying tuned to see what wonderful things God has in store for the farm!!