Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The AC Saga of 2011

We moved in over Memorial Day weekend.  The weather got extremely hot shortly after we moved in.  The AC unit was not keeping up. 

So, we called our home warranty company.  They assured us that they would send someone out. 

A few days later a repairman came and "charged" the AC unit. 

A day or two later it was not working again. 

We called the warranty company again. 

They sent someone out a few days later. 

The repairman discovered a broken part.  So, he ordered said part.  He told us it could be several days for the part to arrive. 

Several days later, the part was the wrong town. 

Finally the repairmen had the part in their possession.  They called to see if they could come out a few days later.  We informed them that we would be out of town.  Could we do it as soon as we returned?  No, they couldn't put it on the books.  The scheduler would have to call us.  EJ gave the scheduler our cell phone number and asked them to PLEASE call us and set up a time ASAP.  No call.  When we returned we called and got on the schedule two days later. 

Today is that day.

The AC saga of 2011 was supposed to be over today.

Unfortunately, when the repairman arrived he discovered that he did not have the correct part.

EJ and I are so done with this. 

EJ called our warranty company and explained to them what a terrible experience this has been.  He asked them to expidite the part or lower our out of pocket amount or both.

They agreed to expedite the part.  Win.

They agreed to refund our service call fee.  Win.  (we still have to pay our part of the repair)

Then he called the AC repairmen and asked to be put on the schedule ASAP.  We are still waiting for a confirmation on that one.

Praise the Lord this house has two AC units.  We can sleep in comfort.  However, we cannot cook, eat, do laundry or entertain in comfort.  On house work days I literally sweat all day long.

I do not want to be a big whiner.  There are much bigger more important issues in this world.  I am just tired of being hot.

I notice I am a little grumpy in this heat.

Hmmm....perhaps that is why EJ is a little more likely to work evenings.  :)

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