Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Four Sisters Play Date

Today was a good day. 

I spent it with these women. 

We don't all get together was much as we would like.  Life gets in the way. 
DW and Pretty Princess hadn't been to my new house yet so this play date was way overdue.

We drank some coffee and ate some tasty food. 

We talked and laughed.

We just enjoyed being together.

The kiddos had fun cousin time.  We were just missing Lou Lou.  She had her own commitments today.  We missed her sweet face.

The babies waited until everyone was done with lunch and then they joined forces.

They may be naughty but they sure are cute!

P.S. Grammy we hope you had a good day with your friend today but your presence will be mandatory at the next play date. :)


  1. Thanks for the fun time at your new AWESOME house!! You are the hostess with the mostess!

  2. To the four sisters of Four Sisters Farm who happen to be my daughters. I had a GREAT day with my friends but I missed you. I suspect God had a plan in having you enjoy each other without your mom today...and that's okay. It blesses me that you love each other and want to spend time together. I love you all!

  3. I LOVE this!!! We are such nerds... I love us.