Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dirt Shirts

My Mother-in-law returned from a work trip to Arizona last week.  She brought with her some souvenirs for the boys.

Red Dirt Shirts.

EJ and I watched an episode of Dirty Jobs about the making of these shirts.  It was really neat to watch.

There are special directions for these shirts.

Wash them first by themselves in cold water.

Did that.

Then I dried them.

The dryer buzzer went off.

I opened the door and discovered...

my BRAND NEW DRYER was a lovely ORANGE color!


Come on!

It didn't say anything about not drying them.


Several magic erasers later...

The dryer is mostly white again.



  1. That's not good. Smart thinking on the magic erasers. I'm crossing my fingers for you.

  2. Marc bought one of those in Hawaii in January, and it scares me to wash it with anything else. Therefore, I have only washed it once, and he has only worn it once, in the past 5 months! Let me know what happens if you ever wash yours with anything other than Red Dirt shirts. -Emmy