Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In honor of big transitions in life

Moving away from Four Sisters Farm felt a lot like when I left for college.  I was so excited but also sad to be away from my family. 

Rock Star wrote me a poem before I left that fall.  I laughed my head off when I found it while unpacking last week.

It was written in 1998.  She was 15 and I was 18. 

If You Stay Here With Me...

I'll let you listen to your Judds tape and even let you sing along,
and once in a blue moon I'll admit when I've been wrong.

I promise I'll try my hardest just to make you smile,
and maybe make you laugh but only every once in a while.

I'll tell you you're a goddess and remind you how beautiful you are,
and I promise not to ask anymore if I can drive your car.

I'll wake you up every morning with breakfast in bed,
and if you want I'll paint your toenails with the very brightest of red.

I'll run you some warm bath water just so that you can relax,
and while you're working hard at that I'll make you some yummy snacks.

I'll listen to your stories and pretend that they are true,
even if everyone knows you made up at least a few.

I think it's fair to warn you what will happen if you leave me,
I'll shut you in my closet and never let you free!

You probably think I'm joking and this poem is pretty cute,
but I'd really hate to see you end up blind, deaf or mute.

So to make things easier just stay right where you are,
because I love you and I'd miss you if you traveled very far.

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