Monday, June 27, 2011

Country Dogs turned Town Dogs

Huckleberry and Daisy are farm dogs.  We got them from a local shelter as puppies three years ago.  The 40 acre farm is all they have known.

When we moved to town we knew there might be some adjustment difficulties.

The good news: they don't bark very much.

The bad news: they like to escape from our backyard.

First it was a gate latch issue.

EJ fixed that.

So, Huck and Daisy found a new way.

They gnawed on the wood gate until they could escape.

One would assume that they are headed out to live exciting lives.  You know, sow their wild oats and all that. 

Nope, they just get out and then go sit on our front porch. 


1 comment:

  1. Ha ha ha! Those crazy dogs!! They are quite a pair. You just couldn't have known when you got those sweet little puppies that they would turn out like they are...Huck is HUGE...but he's fun to ride (who needs a horse?)...Daisy...well...she's Daisy. At least they don't bark much. Cute post. I miss you all at the farm.