Thursday, August 9, 2012

Before and After - The Kitchen

Four Sisters Farm Kitchen BEFORE the renovation (photo taken at Wubba's Birthday Party 2011)

We began our renovation on the Four Sisters Farm House main floor in June 2011 when Farm Chick at Heart and EJ bought a beautiful home in the "city" and moved.  We had planned to do it all along but I don't think anything prepares you the task it will be.

We took it all on at once...not room by room.  Since we were living in the basement, we didn't have to live in the mess. (Praise God!!)

We dealt with the surprises as we found them...mouse skeletons, mold, and all.  I will let the pictures do the talking; but I need to say "Thank you!" to all the people who lent us a hand.  We are still planning to host a party but there are so many people involved that we will have to wait until the weather cools so we can utilize our outdoor space as well.

Partially demolished/gutted kitchen

Removing kitchen cabinets...we learned what "clutch" screws are...they are evil...very hard to remove!! The original wallpaper was not visible but I enjoyed getting to see it as we tore things apart.

1. Yucky unwelcome surprise of a rotted wall that had to be replace, 2. Grammy's visual way of figuring out what cabinets would be needed, and 3. Doc, Pop, and EJ making the space for a sliding glass door

Grammy and Pop (left), Pretty Princess and Romeo (center), and Doc and DW (right)

During the cabinet installation

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