Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

We came together at Four Sisters Farm to celebrate my birthday.  The whole gang made it.  I am a blessed and happy wife, mom, and grammy! The cheesy smile above is to oblige Rock Star so she could could take a picture of my teeth turned blue from the tasty frosting!

Grammy, Lou, and Ruthie
PhoJo and Baby SuperheroBitty PrincessDaddies and BabiesThere was baby admiring...a LOT of baby admiring since we have so many little ones!  Lou loves babies like I do...she comes from a long line of baby admirers.

Bitty Princess sat in the high chair and enjoyed (well sort of enjoyed) some baby food carrots.

Our smallest superhero had all the celebrating he could stand and snoozed on his daddy's shoulder for a while.

Ladybug's dance moves
There was dancing in the living room - at least Ladybug showed off her latest moves!

Farm Chick and EJ had been on a family vacation with Bubba, Wubba, and Q (the cowboys) and of course, with little Ruthie.  They rented an RV and the cousins thought it was the coolest thing ever!

All in all, it was a sweet time.  When we all gather, it is crazy, loud, chaotic, and a lot of fun.  Sweet memories are always made when we gather together for any event.  I am trying to store them up in my mind and in my heart for when these grandchildren grow up and can't make it to Four Sisters Farm as often.

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