Friday, August 24, 2012

Pearadise (aka Pear Picking and Canning)

 Last year, our pears dried up - literally - with many days of triple digit heat and a dry well, they didn't make it.

Fast forward to this year...two large tubs of pears that the Unconventionals helped us (Pop and Grammy) pick during a recent stay.
Lou Lou took time from the coolness of the wading pool and Bub even climbed up into the tree (like his mom did two years ago) to pick pears that weren't reachable from the ladders (which is why you cannot see him in this picture).  He only suffered minor scrapes and accomplished much! A few of us got bonked on our heads by pear pickers above us!

I put out the "call" (okay, text) asking the four sisters for help putting up the pears and we scheduled it for ASAP (Avoid Spoiling Any Pears).  Somehow I didn't get pictures of Farm Chick at Heart and Little Ruthie who helped out a LOT!  (Sorry Farm Chick.)

While the Unconventionals were still at Four Sisters Farm, I made a fresh pear cake that was a big hit.  It was delicious and they loved it.  It smelled SO good baking that we could hardly wait for it to come out of the oven...then when I poured the glaze (nearly pure sugar) on, we nearly lost our good minds!

The Superheroes helped sort out the pears and put them into the sink for a washing.  We put the recently renovated kitchen to the test with the canning process!

 Even the babies "helped" with the they will get to eat some pear sauce!! 
I can't believe I didn't get pictures of Ruthie sitting in the bouncy seat overseeing a large part of the process!  
Sorry, Ruthie! I didn't get your mommy either!

The product of our won't last us a year but it will be tasty!


  1. I have a couple of pear trees & need to get preserving. I can see in your pic, you canned pear halves and made pear sauce. I was wondering what were the other creations you made. If you have time, would love to know. thanks!

  2. I know it will be good. All of it looks tasty