Sunday, August 19, 2012

A "Tiger" Tail with Superheroes

Tiger makes his entrance at Four Sisters Farm...and into the hearts of some young superheroes.
Like most farms, Four Sisters Farms enjoys having some farm cats around.  You may have read stories before about some of them (cats eating cupcakes, flying cats, checking on cats in the middle of the night, cat poo, grumpy cat, and even a cat miracle). Seems like the cats are ever-changing...some come...some go...there seems to always be a new litter.

Sometimes we get to play with and handle the babies like when Lou Lou came to the farm to help with four little ones that we thought we wanted to tame...and we did. But that is another story.

Not all the superheroes really like cats and kittens.  In fact, one of the superheroes is pretty much petrified of them.  He is convinced they will "get" him.  So he watched from the safety of the house as his mom and siblings held and petted little kitty Tiger.

We figured out that something happened to Tiger's momma kitty and he got hungry enough and brave enough to come to the house where the older cats are fed every day.

After the superheroes first met him, they were playing and exercising in the yard when Rock Star kept hearing a faint mew.  So they went to see what was going on and discovered their new little friend, Tiger had fallen into a window well and was stuck.  They had to save him!

I was inside snuggling the littlest superhero and didn't hear the commotion.  It was all over by the time she knew what had happened.

Rock Star got down into the window well and rescued little Tiger.  Now, first of all, she is the least likely of the four sisters to do anything with cats because she is allergic to them.  But save this little kitten in distress, she did...but then SHE was stuck in the window well.  She sent the superheroes in to tell me what was going on but all I got out of them was that the kitten was stuck.  I thought they were just excited about the kitten...something was lost in the translation.  So Rock Star got more of a workout than she bargained for and fought her way out of the window well.  We had a good laugh at my inability to figure out what the kids were trying to tell me.  I might have understood Lassie telling me Timmy was stuck in the well better!

I guess all is well that ends well, and thankfully this story did end well.  The superheroes and Rock Star made a new friend and the superhero who was afraid seemed to conquer his fear enough to come meet the new little farm dweller.  He even managed to snuggle him a bit with his mom's help as I snapped some pictures.

Of course, I had to come meet the cute little fur ball too.  Hello, Tiger!  Nice to meet you!

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