Friday, August 31, 2012

Boxing Pop

The Superheroes came to play multiple times this summer.  They even came to stay overnight with their WannaBSuperMom (Rock Star) and the littlest superhero.

During the time they stayed at Four Sisters Farm, they talked Pop into teaching them to do some boxing.  They punched, they kicked, they sparred with Pop...and all the while, Pop taught them more than boxing...he taught them that he loves them and he taught them boxing safety.

Pop always seems to attract a "crowd" of admirers...he isn't your average grandpa...he uses a punching bag, among other things to stay in great shape.  He would draw a crowd even if he didn't punch a bag, but that is what he chooses to do.

He doesn't tell our granddaughters that they can't do things like boxing.  He will teach them they can do what they put their minds too...and he will help them.  He will convey that he believes in them.

It is like the icing on the cake to walk alongside Pop as we "raise GRANDkids" at Four Sisters Farm!

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