Thursday, December 17, 2009

G.B. stands for...

A) God's Blessing

B) Great Baby

C) Girl Baby

D) All of the above

She is sweetness and light. Oh, yeah...she cries (but only a little), requires feeding and diaper changing (of course), and keeps her parents up during the night (but not excessively)...she is an incredibly good natured baby. Our little Super Girl (or "Gril" as her Super Hero big brothers say) is wonderful. Her entire family is smitten by her and you have to wait your turn to snuggle her.

She is fitting into Rock Star's and PhoJo's family just fine. Of course a 3 year old and a 2 year old have some adjustments to make and some questions about what all this baby business means in their world...they say the sweetest...and sometimes funniest things...

The oldest and wisest Super Hero is a natural at this big brother business. He is genuinely concerned and interested in the new baby "gril" at their house. His mom and dad did a great job of preparing him before she was born and he takes his job as big brother seriously and wants to do everything just right. He was talking to his mom at bed time today and asked if she fed him and snuggled him and took care of him like she does the new baby. She assured him that she did the same things for him and that she understands having a new baby sister requires some changes in the way things go at their house. Just in case there was any doubt about his motives, he matter-of-factly let his mom know that he is "trying to have good manners."

The two year old Super Hero is VERY verbal already and a tad bit opinionated about things. He takes everything in and then expresses what he thinks. When he and the three year old Super Hero met Super Girl at the hospital, they were so excited to hold her...they climbed up on the couch and their mommy put a pillow on the lap of the oldest sibling before gently placing baby sister on it. Not to be left out of anything good, he grabbed another pillow and proclaimed "I hold him! I hold him!" (He's used to all the "hims" in their family.) But so far, the most hilarious thing he's said was on the day Super Girl came home from the hospital. He was very interested in everything about it - he wanted to be sure in his sweet little way that his baby sister was taken care of. When she got hungry, Rock Star sat down to nurse her and as he watched, his expression turned from concern that the baby was hungry to near horror and shaking his head he said, "We don't eat that!!"

This last picture is just in case you have forgotten that Super Girl comes from a family of Super Heroes...she is practicing flying here...up, up, and away! (Hang on, Pop!)

We can't wait to discover her other super powers. If sweetness is a super power, she already has that one mastered!

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  1. Grammy, thank you so much for the update. I adore that picture of Super Girl Flying in Pop's arms! That is just too much.

    I love it that Spiderman told the baby "we don't eat that!" about nursing. How quickly they forget what sustained them for the first year of life. Ha!

    Love you all!