Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome Super Girl!

The scene depicted in the photo below does more for me than all the roses, candlelight, and romance in the world...
To see the man I love with the grandbabies we love makes my heart pitter-patter in a way that it never did before. There is a deep and abiding love in his heart for each of our precious grandbabies. I have always been a pretty emotional person but I have to tell you that I go into "super-grammy" mode when our daughters are in labor and's Pop who cries when he first holds them - he can't help himself . I am so busy watching over the mommy, baby and everything going on around us that I don't have time to cry...until later...

Rock Star warned me about timing my reading of Farm Chick’s account of Super Girl’s birth so I could manage the emotion that would certainly come with it - she was right. I snuck my peek while Pop, Rock Star, PhoJo and the super heroes were in the living room...but Rock Star caught me at the computer with a big lump in my throat and eyes brimming with tears.

If God blesses us with a hundred grandchildren nothing could ever diminish the miracle of each birth nor the swelling of my heart with gratitude, praise, and grandmotherly pride. It’s been 20 months since Ladybug came along and the excitement of another granddaughter was certainly welcomed – not just by Pop and me but by our whole family…welcome Super Girl! Welcome into a big, loud, and loving family who could hardly wait for your arrival!

Nothing I have ever heard, done, said, or thought has prepared me for how incredibly blessed I feel by our children and grandchildren. To be allowed the privilege of being present and involved in the lives of each of our nine (can you believe it?) grandchildren is nothing that I take for granted.

To see our daughters as great friends of one another and allies in this journey we call life has significance way beyond anything I ever thought to ask God for. Nothing in my life has been as wonderful as sharing this time in life with Pop and with our family. All I can say is that I am so grateful to God for daughters and sons (in-laws – a term for clarification purposes only as I consider them my sons) who walk with the Lord and who are quick to give Him the glory and the praise for the gifts He has given us.

To share this journey with the man of my dreams is a bonus I don't deserve. I love you, Pop - here's to livin' the dream. Thanks for letting me live it with you.

I'm just praising God.

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