Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A party saved

Our little Bubba turned 4 this past week. We LOVE birthday parties around here. It is so much fun to celebrate these precious lives God has given us.

I started asking Bubba several weeks before the big day what kind of party he wanted to have. He settled on a Toy Story party. I asked multiple times to be sure that my pre-schooler really meant what he was saying. Not only did he want to have a Toy Story party but he also wanted to be "Woody." So, I went to work. I found a Woody costume right after Halloween. Then I found a Buzz costume on ebay for his little brother to wear at the party.

The party planning continued as I scoured the internet for Toy Story paraphernalia. I ordered the dvd of Toy Story 2. I bought cupcake toppers. I purchased toy story stickers, stamps, fruit snacks, etc. for the cousin's treat bags. I even found a Buzz Lightyear party pack and ordered it. I finished up my shopping with Toy Story PJs for both the boys to wear to bed after our rockin' party. I was ready to roll!

Then Bub and Southern Gentleman had their birthday party. It was a Star Wars theme. My children have never seen Star Wars. However, the influence of an older, cooler cousin took over. All the sudden Bubba was saying, "Mom, I don't want Toy Story. I want Star Wars!" Hmmm..."maybe next year" I would say. This continued for a while. Then for some reason he started asking for a Batman party. I can't figure out where that one came from. He just kept saying that he didn't want Toy Story anymore.

I was seriously messed up in my business. The Toy Story invitations were out. I had planned and purchased all things Toy Story. I had recommended Toy Story toys to the grandparents. I was in too deep!

As his birthday approached I made one last ditch effort. EJ and I gave him his Toy Story 2 movie. He was pumped! He and Wubba watched that movie several times before the party. By then, he was rip roaring ready to go. With only one problem. He wanted to be Buzz now, not Woody. I could deal with that. On party night we stuffed Bubba into the Buzz costume I bought for his little brother. Then rolled up the sleeves and pants on Wubba's Woody costume that I bought for Bubba. Hey, a Buzz Lightyear wedgie is a small price to pay for birthday bliss!

Bubba, we love you "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!"

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