Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Starbucks Stinky Pants

Starbucks has this promotion going. If you purchase a bag of Starbucks coffee at the grocery store, use it up and then bring the empty bag to Starbucks they will give you a free tall brewed coffee.

If you who don't speak Starbucks, this is how the sizing works...
Short= 8oz
Tall = 12oz
Grande= 16oz
Venti= 20oz

For all you light weights out there a short, tall or grande may sound appealing but not to those of us who are heavy drinkers. We go straight for the Venti.

So, yesterday I took two of my empty bags to the Starbucks inside my Target. I presented both bags and asked for one Venti in leui of two talls. Now, if you are doing your math you notice that I was actually asking for less coffee as 2 talls would yield 24oz and a Venti is 20oz. Not to mention I was conserving on cups as well. Only one cup to throw away versus two. I was willing to sacrifice those extra 4oz for one cup to carry.

The lady behind the counter told me that my bags were good for two tall coffees only. Not one Venti. She said that any other Starbucks wouldn't allow that either.

I looked at her and said, "Well, there is just one of me and it would be sort of difficult for me to shop with two coffees in my hands and a cart to push with two pre-schoolers inside. Not to mention that I'm actually getting less coffee than I would with two talls."

She sort of huffed and then told me she would do it just this once.

Come on people.


  1. Good grief! I will never understand why people choose to be such crimudgeons. I would have given you a venti. ;)

  2. First of all, I love it that you used the word crimudgeon. I had no idea how to spell it! :)

    Second of all, thank you for understanding my pain and offering me a Venti in our pretend Starbucks shop.

    Third, I love you, little sis!

  3. Preach it sister! I mean, HELLO!? Go above and beyond the call of duty, Miss Barista! Remember - you have a job because we bring you business. Be gracious. Be complimentary. Say something like, "OH! You're so smart - are you sure you're okay with that? That's actually 4 oz less than if I gave you 2 talls... But if that's what you want..." And then smile like there's no tomorrow!

    THAT's what it's supposed to be like when you go to Starbucks! I'm a NW girl - I knew the guy who opened the first one - that was his heart and soul - make the customer feel grateful for the opportunity to have done business there!

    Okay - getting off of my soapbox for now! :)

  4. That is awesome..I so did not know this about Starbucks..and I just happen to have an empty starbucks bag..well almost will be tomorrow. :) this just on plain coffee? or could I get a Cafe Mocha???

  5. Christina - just a brewed coffee. No mocha goodness in the offer. Just make sure you have a bag that actually has the offer on it. Some of the bags don't. I just jazz up my brewed coffe with some cream and sugar. It's yummy!

    Dina - you crack me up! I love it when someone gets on a soap box with me. We are two chicken raisin, coffee lovin' sisters! Ha!