Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not JUST a Grammy.... SUPER GRAMMY.

My mom is an undercover Superhero. I think I've always known that, but I was recently reminded of her amazing super powers this past couple of weeks. She always takes time from her schedule to stay with each of us girls as we bring home a new baby and need an extra hand. She cooks, she cleans, she takes care of all the kids. Here are some pics to show just a few other things this supergrammy does:

She loves our babies in a way only she can...

She cuts hair and bathes stinky boys....
She even plays secret agents until she's exhausted... and then plays more.

She is a hero to me, my sisters, our husbands and especially our kids. Thank you for taking care of us grammy. We love you more than we can say.

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  1. This is so awesome! I especially love the secret agents part. That's awesome! :) I agree...Mom, you are too good to us and we love you SOOOOOOOO much!