Monday, December 21, 2009

No self-esteem problem here

On a recent car ride, EJ noticed how close I sit to the wheel when I drive.

EJ: "Why don't you scoot back a little?"

Me: "If I did I couldn't reach the pedals."

EJ: "Well, grow your stubs."

Me: "If you wanted a long legged woman you married the wrong gal. Instead you will have to settle for pure perfection."


  1. Tell that man what he needs to hear!

  2. Good for you!! lol..sometimes..they just need a little reminder..hehe :)

  3. In my defense, the comment I made is a common one in our household becuase my lovely and perfect wife thinks that her "stubs" (arms and legs) sometimes don't have the desired effect that she is wanting!

    I've always thought that she's perfect!