Monday, December 28, 2009

Taking on the Hill - Snow Sledding 2009

Welcome, Snow!! When it came in enough quantity to possibly provide a little fun, Pop insisted on purchasing some sleds before we gathered for our family Christmas gathering...Way to go, Pop! Not everyone from Four Sisters Farm could make the trek up to the hill; but those of us who did had so much fun!
The boys were fearless...they made a run down the hill before we could lay out any ground rules (like wait for other people to be out of the way before you go). Pop is hanging onto the reigns for a down-hill safety check before Bub, Southern Gentleman, and Bubba took off again!

Lou Lou and Pretty Princess were ready for fun.

Farm Chick and EJ snuggle up for a ride.
Pop and Wubba teamed up!

Pop had to go on a reconnaissance snow angel mission on the other side of the hill when the Southern Gentleman, Bubba, and Wubba took a break from sledding.

Farm Chick geared up for her first run down the hill...

and promptly adopted the "agony of defeat" position...
rolling...and rolling...and rolling... She laughed all the way down and only pretended to be defeated by the hill for our photo shoot.

Thanks, Pop for the idea and the sleds...let's do again really soon!


  1. I have not laughed SO hard in a long time. I may have balance issues but I even enjoyed the rolling! Thanks for the sleds and the idea, Pop! What a blast. Next time hopefully we can all join in. Although, we are going to have to let Super Girl grow a little more. Ha!