Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Biggest Loser Confusion

I never really enjoyed the show Biggest Loser until my workout buddy suggested we watch it while we work out on Tuesday nights.  When you watch a 400 pound man run on a treadmill you realize you have no excuse.  It is certainly motivating.  Anyway, I have been a fan for the last few years or so. 

Around our house, our children rarely see the TV on.  We don't have cable so there is nothing on for kiddos during the day.  (We do let them watch their movies though)  Anyway, I was sitting one morning watching a little Good Morning America when a commercial for Biggest Loser came on.  I told the boys that I love that show and I like to watch it at the gym.

Bubba: "Momma, I don't want you to lose all your weight."
Me: "Honey that is sweet but Momma works out to get healthy."
Bubba: (with a seriously concerned look on his face) "But Mom, I don't want you to get big like that!"
Me: "Oh, you think those people are going to the gym to get big.  No honey, they aren't trying to get big.  They just started exercising to get healthy.  They aren't trying to get bigger."

So here is to the new season of Biggest Loser that starts tonight!  May we all get healthier not bigger!

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  1. What a sweetie pie!! Just wanna pinch those little cheeks!! You should take a picture off the TV of them tonight and then another one at the end and show him that they got smaller not bigger. How sweet for him to be so concerned!! Ya gotta love em!!