Friday, January 28, 2011

Done! The Interior Staircase

We finally pulled down the curtain hiding the mess that we call the interior staircase. I put away all the things I had stored (okay, hidden) on the steps and drug the rolls of carpet down and out of the way so we could get going on it.

What we thought was about a four day project turned into a bit more than that but it always does...and we just keep doing more.

The purple wall you see is actually a special type of sheet rock that helps deaden noise. Good thing since our bedroom is on the other side. It's worth the extra cost.

My hero, Pop, took the lead and figured out what all we needed and how to put it all together. He always asks my opinion and listens to my outrageous ideas, then we get to work. I've beome a pretty good construction assistant. Most of the time I know when to be quiet, when is a good time to ask questions, which tool will be needed next, how to work certain equipment (like the air compressor powered nail gun), etc; so Pop and I make a pretty good team.

My latest outrageous idea was to put drawers into the last step/landing to house family games in. Pop's idea for the last step/landing was to have a place for the grandkids to use as a stage. I think both ideas were good ones and Pop figured out how to make it happen.

The cowboys thought we should just take out the stairs and put in a slide. That would be fun!

Pop graciously acted like Vanna to show off the newly completed project in the following pic. I think he's pretty proud of his work - and he should be!

I think I'll keep him around another 35 years or so. The better he gets at doing these projects and the more tools he accumulates makes me think I'd better add some items to my honey do list!

You'll see another post about our next project soon. Stay tuned.


  1. Very clever....because you KNOW a kid needs a stage.....and a woman needs storage. Looks wonderful!

  2. Brilliant! I love it, and it looks beautiful!