Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soap Nuts...Say What?

When you start to cloth diaper you realize that detergent is VERY important.

The Wrong Detergent = Build Up
Build Up = Less Absorbent Diapers
Less Absorbent Diapers = Pee Pee Everywhere
Pee Pee Everywhere = One VERY UNHAPPY MOMMY

So, as I said, detergent is important.  Most of the time I use Rockin' Green.  I really like that detergent.  One day, I was visiting a cloth diaper store in another town.  The owner was really nice and gave me a sample of "Eco-Nuts" to wash my diapers.

I smiled, took the sample and thought "I'm never gonna use these."

Then my detergent got back ordered.

So, I did what I had to do.  I broke out the Soap Nuts.

I did a little research first. 

They are dried fruit shells from a certain type of tree.  All natural and all that good stuff.

They come with this dandy little cloth bag. 

You just slip about 5 of the soap nuts into the bag and close it tight.

Next you toss it in the wash with your diapers.

It's that easy.

When the wash is done, you just take the little bag out and let the shells air dry.

You can reuse them 5-6 times in hot water and more in cold. 

Everything smells and looks clean and soft.  The tough stains could use something stronger from time to time but I all in all I think these are a pretty stinkin' cool.

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