Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Multi-Generational Home

Four Sisters Farm started out with just us Farm Hands.  When Pop and Grammy moved back to the state we became a multi-generational home.  Certainly there are challenges when you combine two family units under one roof.  We have had our share of them but overall this little experiment has turned out to be a major blessing.

If all goes according to plan, EJ and I will build a home in a few years.  Grammy and I get a little teary when we discuss it.  It will be tough to leave this place.  However, there will come a time when we will outgrow our floor and Pop and Grammy will be ready to remodel. 

For now, I will enjoy it.

I am going to start documenting some of the moments that bless my heart.

Recently, I planned a night away for EJ and I to celebrate his birthday.  I asked Pop and Grammy to keep the cowboys for us.

This is the note I left them... 
You mommas will understand this.  When you leave your children for the night the list is usually much longer.  It must include a much more detailed account of what each little person needs, likes and dislikes.  It involves schedules and feeding instructions and diaper directions.

I got to leave without giving instructions on any of this.  Pop and Grammy just know it. 

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