Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knights & Princesses

We have a family tradition of Christmas pajamas that reached new heights as we celebrated Christmas 2010 with a “Knights & Princesses” theme. Our brave young men (with Lou Lou’s, DW’s, and Doc’s help) put on a short play.

The Dark Knight (Doc) kidnapped the “Middle Princess” Ladybug and the brave young men came to King Pop of Four Sisters Farm and asked for his help. They wanted to be knights to fight for right. King Pop told them that they must defeat the Dark Knight and rescue Princess Ladybug if they wanted to be knights…so…of course, they fought the Dark Knight and prevailed.

The fighting was so fierce that the mommies of the knights and princesses intervened.

Then they returned to King Pop with the rescued princess and King Pop made good on his promise to knight them. They went from fierce, LOUD little boys to intent listeners as Pop spoke. He called each one by his “knightly” name and knighted them with a foam sword. “Bubba, Son of EJ, I knight thee ‘Bubba the Brave.” You must defend right and protect the family.” They each waited their turn, very quietly; and took in every word that Pop spoke…then the princesses wanted their turns as well and instead of knighting them, Pop bestowed their titles as princesses of Four Sisters Farm. We got the whole thing on video and it will be a treasure.

All the princesses - including the mommies and myself (though I am admittedly the "Queen" of Four Sisters Farm by virtue of my long-standing relationship with King Pop) wore crowns and tutus and acted very “princessy.”

The food, Christmas cookies and candies, gifts, and stockings were fun too, but being together was the best of all.

From the whole Four Sisters Farm family, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration and we pray that God will bless you abundantly in 2011.

Damsels in Distress????


  1. I am one of 4 sisters, the eldest. 6 years ago my hubby & I & our youngest daughter left the suburban life and bought a farm. NO ONE in either of our families, for generations, has lived on a farm. My baby sis (12 yrs younger) and her hubby and son then bought into the country life and live 20 min. from me.

    All that to say - I love your blog! Thank you so much for posting and sharing your lives. Our parents and my sis' and I are very our hearts. Except for my baby sis - everyone lives states away. We always have a total blast when we are together 1-2 times a year, but...

    I read your blog and dream of all the wonderful things we would do if we lived in the same city..or even the same state. Keep bloggin' and I pray God continues to richly bless your family! Farm Wife Wendy at Chestnut Hill Farm, Utica, Ohio

  2. I love that story!! Such an awesome thing! You all are such a good exampleof men and women of God!