Monday, January 24, 2011

Tall drink of water....definition.....

def. adj...a man or woman who happens to be usually about 6+ inches taller than the average man or woman.
Alas this was NOT the same definition that Farm Chick had for this colloquialism.

There was a taller man who happened to walk by us as we were sitting at a table somewhere people watching and I noticed his height, to which I said...

"! He's a tall drink of water!"

Farm Chick nearly fell out of her chair with explosive laughter.

I was completely confused.

He WAS really tall.  Why did she find that so funny?

Farm Chick had to explain that in her culture (aka the rest of the world) this was an innuendo!??!!


Well I'll be darned...won't use that one anymore!


  1. Oh, EJ! Farm Chick got some serious mileage out of that one...I love that you tell on yourself. LOL

  2. That's awesome! I could totally see that situation.

  3. high-larious! my only concern... how many times have you used that in the past?

  4. That is fabulous!I'm still laughing internally. I might be laughing all day on this one. Fabulous!