Saturday, January 22, 2011


Bubba just continues to grow up.  This also means he continues to grow out of all his clothes. 

Bubba has two younger brothers so his clothes get passed down.

I have figured out which brands have the strength to make it through multiple rough and tumble boys.  The problem is that those clothes are usually pretty pricey. 

So, I thought I should probably take a note from the Duggar Family.  They always say, "Buy used and save the difference."  I decided to go on ebay and see if I could find some gently used clothes that still had enough life in them to make it through our bunch of boys.

Check out my loot!

5 pairs of pants
9 shirts
1 coat

Holla Holla...I'm savin' Dollas! :)


  1. AWESOME! The DUGGARS will be in Lawrence, KS on Feb 13th and WE ARE GOING! It's $45 for the whole family and they have an activity room for kids 3-10. you should meet us there :)

  2. Good work, Farm Chick!! Bubba is growing fast!