Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Captain Underpants

EJ took the boys to the library last week.  They got to pick out a bunch of new books and some new movies.  They were pumped.  Especially, Bubba, because Daddy let him get the book "Captain Underpants."  I have yet to read about this underwear clad super hero but Daddy loves to read it to him.  Complete with all kinds of voices.  I understand there are things like "wedgie power" and "shooting underwear" happening.  Interesting. 

Here he is in case you are not familiar...

I am now surrounded by three little boys in their underwear (well, one in a diaper) and capes.  I wonder how long this super fun stage will last.  Thank you Daddy!

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  1. Yeah... thanks uncle EJ... I'll pay you back for this one!