Monday, March 14, 2011

Cell phones hide in terror...

Well I've had a cell phone since the beginning of 1999...I've been through lots of them...not really by choice though. I'm going to share with you about some of the ways that I have destroyed the phones that I've had!

One of the first ways was when I was in the process of stepping into my Geo Prism (I know you're probably jealous!) at college.  The phone popped off the clip on my left hip. And because I do things swiftly and usually do several things all in one motion...the door was already slamming shut. Well I had perfect timing and the phone got smashed between the door and the car.  It was completely smashed!

Another time I was on a cruise and had an I-phone that I rented for $17 for the week so that Farm Chick and I could communicate on that big ship. Well I'm not used to having a phone in my pocket, I've always had it on my belt clip...well I walked right into a pool with it.  That cost me $1000!!!! STUPID CRUISE SHIPS AND THEIR STUPID I-PHONES!!!! Oh I didn't even get to keep it...I should have for all the money I paid for it! (FYI this story is much longer and many more details, but that's just just of it!)

I of course dropped a phone in the pot! NEVER a good moment when you realize you have to make a choice to either commit and save your technology by thrusting you hand into waters that could rival the filthiness of the Ganga or just see if your porcelain throne can successfully alleviate your problem by taking the phone to poo heaven! Either way there are consequences!

We live on a farm, and I had a really neat Palm Treo when it first came out. Well, one of the things that I learned was that when I'm doing work outside, there's really no need (nor want) to have a cell phone on my person.  I had to learn this the hard way. I was driving our tractor pulling our bush-hog doing some mowing; when I realized I couldn't locate my phone. I quickly looked down and back and noticed (thankfully) it resting on the ground...this can't be good I thought. I shut everything down and hopped down and assessed the situation. I HAD DRIVEN OVER MY PHONE WITH THE TRACTOR! The amazing thing was that it hadn't smashed it to smithereens! It was all in one piece, however it had a horrible crack down the middle of the touch screen impairing the view of the information that it showed!

So when Farm Chick and I decided to get our new Droid X and Droid 2 phones this last year I decided that I would pull out all the stops and make sure to protect our investments. I bought "Otter boxes" for them. For Farm Chick I got the commuter, and for me I got the defender. The commuter is the middle level of protection, and the defender is the highest level of protection. So Droid X, rest easy knowing that if for some reason I throw you out the window going 55 mph, you're safe!

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  1. Lee and I have Otter Boxes on our IPhones we bought last year. His previous phone (also an IPhone)did actually fall off the roof of his car while excellerating down the on ramp to the too was in an Otter Box. The IPhone survived! Lee reports he saw it fall from the roof through the back window, it bounced up once off the bumper, and since it fell was facing him he observed it turn on, then it dropped onto the road, bounced a few more times and landed face down in the middle of the on ramp! Oh the emotions...Lee scurried to it's praying to God to have preserved his iPhone. He snatched it up and turned it on, tada it worked, whew!
    I know i'v dropped my phone a few times in the Otter and it is funny how it bounces like those 25 cent bouncy balls yet snug and safe!!!