Thursday, March 17, 2011


Recently one of my facebook friends asked this question, "What did you wish your name was as a kid?" 

This question hits home with me. 

As a child, I was sure that my name was supposed to be Samantha.  Everyone would call me Sam or Sami.  I think it had something to do with the show "Who's the Boss?"  Remember that one? 

I LOVED that show.  I also LOVED Tony Danza.  I still do.  He had a short lived talk show a few years ago.  I thought it was brilliant because it was Tony Danza, of course.

How about you?  What was your dream name as a kid?


  1. I love this story, and I have one very similar.

    I was 13-years-old when my sister was born, and I had THE PERFECT name all picked out for her. You see, I am the oldest and my name is Annetta (first letter A), then there is my brother, Bryan, (first letter B) which clearly meant that my sister's name should be Cathy. Well, my mom and dad had different ideas and they named her . . . Toni! A boys name!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! I was so upset with their decision and really thought that they had lost their minds.

    Yep, that was me, an opinionated, strong willed teen who gave my parents some hard times. (Not a pleasant way to think of myself)

    My family and I share laughs about it now and actually, Toni seems like the perfect name for my sister. :=)

  2. Trust me, Samantha is NOT all it's cracked up to be:) I always wished my parents had named me Allison. No nicknames, just Allison. Don't ask me why. I just loved that name. Aparently I grew out of it because I didn't love it enough to give it to either one of my girls.