Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gotta love the cowboys

Wubba and Bubba were fighting over something.  Wubba got super upset and was pleading his case with high-pitched, unclear words.  Bubba looks at Wubba and shouts, "Wubba you are speaking Spanish!"

After another scuffle between the two big boys I heard this, "Mom, Wubba doesn't think God wants us to share!"

Recently when Bubba was running a fever EJ said,  "Oh Buddy you're burnin' up!"
Bubba as serious as he could be said, "Are there flames???"

Bubba (Looking at the breakfast I am preparing) "Mom, my tongue won't think this is good."

Wubba, "Mom, there is a bee in my foot."
Me, "What do you mean?"
Wubba, "It says BUZZZZZ"
Me, "Oh your foot is asleep.  Does it feel all tingly?"
Wubba, "Yes."

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