Monday, March 28, 2011

Twilight saga at FSF...

One night after we had the boys tucked safely in bed, we heard the biggest cat fight outside. At the time we had our two cats and about 4-5 barn cats...they usually got along, and we had NEVER heard something this loud and crazy.

I quickly got up and headed out the front door, along the way I grabbed a flashlight because it was very dark out. By the time I got to the side of the porch I saw my two cats scurrying up to the front of the house getting away from whatever was causing the commotion. Unfortunately it was a very foggy evening making it difficult to see clearly to the back of the house from the front. I headed to the back to see if I could figure out what was going on. Our house is about 30 yards from the garage. As I was about get to the garage I was looking to my right trying to see through the fog with my flashlight. I saw several beady eyes of cats hiding after the fracas that had just happened...none were moving and willing to give me any clues as to what or who caused this disturbance.

Just then a thought went through my head..."what if a vampire had gotten hungry and flew to our barn to have a cat snack?...NO vampires aren't real!" I thought.

Almost immediately I spotted in the distance about 50 yards away (across the corral in the barn yard) I saw two green eyes at MY EYE LEVEL! There are NO hills causing a cat or raccoon to be at my eye level.

"HOWEVER THERE COULD BE WEREWOLVES!" I thought! Just then the eyes started moving as if they were walking to their right, all the while staring at me!

AAAARRRRHHHHHGGGG!!!! Instant heart racing and adrenaline! I ran to the house to the back door and tried to barge through the back door!



Farm Chick OPEN THE DOOR!!!

She was totally confused to why I would be so out of sorts. She casually came and opened the door; all the while the culprit could have easily leaped and bounded and closed the distance between us. I busted through the door and slammed it and locked it in one smooth motion! I quickly turned off all the lights in the house and with a safe one pane of glass between me and the outdoors I stared out with my flashlight trying to see what I had conjured up in my head!


I told Farm Chick what had happened and she laughed at me the rest of the night thinking that I was as crazy as a loon!


  1. This makes me laugh So Hard! :D It reminds me of a similar story.

    When my husband and I were dating, he was working swing shifts and came to visit me late one night after work on his motorcycle. I lived in a tiny little town of about 300 buried deep in ranch country in the San Joaquin Valley in California. After a Very Brief visit, he hopped back on his motorcycle and headed back home. When lo and behold, his trusty bike conked out on him. He had no idea how far from town or how far from me he was and after an eeny meeny miney mo picked my direction to start walking. It was a long NINE MILE hike back to my house in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. He was (and still is) convinced he was stalked by WOLVES the entire way. He swears he could see their beady little eyes glowing in the dark. He walked in the middle of the road all the way, since you know, it was the safest place to be away from those wolves. lol

    Thanks for the Laugh! :D

  2. Sondre Lyn, that is a wild story!!! Bless his heart. :)

  3. I laughed so hard at this because I can just SEE him and all those antics and I too would have those same silly thoughts! Thanks for the laughs!