Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daisy's Do

Daisy came home on Monday. She is on strict "Kennel Rest" for 6 weeks. She isn't allowed to be out of her kennel unless she needs a bathroom break. She has to be on a leash so she won't take off on a run and break her leg again. She is always excited to get out and wants to party! You have to hold the leash tight and encourage her to settle down. She is on a pain pill and an antibiotic.
Here is Huck telling his sister how much he missed her. Then in the next picture he insults her new hair cut.DW hooked Daisy up with a bigger Kennel! We put her there during the day and then at night we put her in her usual smaller kennel. She is already bored and this is only the end of week 1!
Sometimes we kennel Huckleberry next to her for an hour or so during the day so she isn't lonely.

This weekend EJ is planning to set her kennel out by the garden so she can watch us work. We are all glad to have her home! :)

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  1. She looks great! So glad you got her home with you and hope you can stick to those kennel rules! It is hard when they want to get out and play.